#1 suicide (whatgyzlove) wrote in wannabeus,
#1 suicide

1. Name:Justine
2. Age:14
3. Sex:yes please... female
4. Location:Calabasas, CA
5. Name you 3 favorite movies:Life as A House, Sid and Nancy,Half Baked
6. Name your 5 favorite artists/bands:Korn, MSI, The Used, Sex Pistols, Nirvana
7. Name 3 of your hobbies:Hangin out with friends, computer, tv(what? i have no life :()
8. Name 8 one-word characteristics that describe your personality:fun, special, unique, out-going,dark,obsession,bent-edge,hard-core
9. Anything else you would like to say?:umm.. im special and im on the computer alot so if u add me ill be happy o yes
10. How would others discribe you?: im out going, not shy, i like to have a good time, funny
11. Why should you be accepted?:because my friends told me to join this and so i think that it would be fun if u accept me.
12. Promote for us, where did you promote? Your journal does not count.: umm.. i dont no how to put the pics in the comment thing.. if i did i would in a heartbeat
13. Your Pictures.

I have more if u would like some more.

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