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wannabeus's Journal

The Beautiful People
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1.) You must APPLY to be accepted.
2.) If you join, you must apply within 48 hours, or you get a warning. after 72 hours, you are banned.
3.) You must post atleast 2 good pictures of yourself.
4.) Members of Wannabeus vote to let you in. If rejected, you can re-aply once, after 5 days.
5.) Put your application behind an LJ cut. if you do not know how to do that, post anyway, and i will tell you how to fix it.
6.) Title you app- "i wanna be you"
7.) You cannot vote UNLESS you are a stamped member
8.) Do NOT talk trash to stamped members.
9.) Stay active with the community & promote it!
10.) If you brake rules you will be banned
11.) Do NOT promote in here without the MOD'S permission.
12.) You will be accepted after 3 days, or after you get 15 votes.

Sherri- emomixedtape

Allison- obey_master_alz

1. Name:
2. Age:
3. Sex:
4. Location:
5. Name you 3 favorite movies:
6. Name your 5 favorite artists/bands:
7. Name 3 of your hobbies:
8. Name 8 one-word characteristics that describe your personality:
9. Anything else you would like to say?:
10. How would others discribe you?:
11. Why should you be accepted?:
12. Promote for us, where did you promote? Your journal does not count.:
13. Your Pictures.